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 Debbie Parent, is the founder of Apparently Art in Miami, Florida. Her mediums include: Enamels, Metalsmithing, Watercolor, Pastels, Bronze Casting and Stained Glass. She is currently focusing on Fine Jewelry and is working with Enamels set with Precious Stones, Silver and High Karet Gold.

Enamels are glass fused to metal. It is an ancient technique that has recently enjoyed a resurgence of popularity thanks to a few devout followers, who continued to practice and teach the art to new students. While it is a very labor intensive art form, fraught with failures at each and every turn, the results are always rewarding and magnificent.

Most of Debbie's pieces are done in the Cloisonné technique. This complex technique involves making a design, forming 24K Gold or Fine Silver wires and firing them onto a base of fine silver. Enamels are placed in each cell in very thin layers and fired in a kiln at 1450 degrees for approximately one minute. There can be as many as 30 firings to bring a piece to completion. The pieces are ground smooth, polished and then set in 18K Gold or Sterling Silver and may be complimented by necklaces of Precious stones and Gold or Silver to perfectly accent the piece.

Debbie has been fortunate to study under some very prominent artists, who have shared with her their knowledge and expertise of this unique art form. Additionally, she has attended many workshops to augment her metalsmithing ability and to help her continue to evolve as a skilled artist.

When the tedious work of enameling becomes to tense, Debbie turns to creating her beautiful necklaces of Precious and Semi-Precious stones strung with High Karet Gold or Sterling Silver. From funky to elegant, there is a necklace for every occasion and every persons taste.









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